Core Competence

Core Competence



(Ⅰ) High Temperature Resistance

The thermal capacity of granite bed is twice that of cast iron. Its heat conduction is less than 1/20 of that of cast iron. The amplitude caused by temperature is only 1/3 of cast iron.

(Ⅱ) Outstanding Anti-Vibration Capacity

  • Granite has extraordinary vibration absorption capacity and thermal stability.
  • The damping capacity of granite is more than 10 times of that of cast iron, so that it  can effectively suppress the force generated by acceleration of the linear motor.
  • The superior vibration absorption capacity combined with linear motor drive provide a dramatic increase in workpiece surface finish quality, and extends the service life of machine.

(Ⅲ) Superb Anti-Interference Capability

Granite features superb anti-interference capability, and is not affected by magnetic force.

Linear Motor

The axial feed of Bors machining centers are driven by linear motors in combination with the drive control system to achieve a new level of "zero transmission". It features no backlash, no wear, high precision, high feed rate and high machining speed.

(Ⅰ)Zero Backlash

Without contact between parts, the transmission force is generated in the air gap. In addition to the linear motor guide, no friction occurs between other parts.

(Ⅱ)Zero Wear

As there is no parts in contact during axes feed, this will dramatically reduce the parts wear while extending parts life.

(Ⅲ)Fast Response. High Sensitivity

  • With the use of linear scale with closed loop control, μ level of positioning accuracy can be reached.
  • The linear motor drive system with the feed forward control may reduce tracking errors by more than 200 times.
  • Due to the outstanding dynamic characteristics of the moving parts, sensitive response, and finer interpolation control, nano-level control can be achieved.

(A) Linear scale

(B) Slide

(C) Linear motor

(D) Machine body

(E) Base

(F) Encoder

(G) Coupling

(H) Lead screw

( I ) Nut

Rexroth CNC Control System

  • The Rexroth CNC control system features self frequency inversion function, wide voltage input, and fully open G code.
  • Equipped with internet port.
  • Next machining program can be edited during machining.
  • Part program error correction function.

Fully Closed Loop Linear Scales

  • Absolute type linear scales are employed to perform absolute position detection. This contributes to high speed, high accuracy and high resolution.

Built-In Type Spindle

  • The spindle and motor are an integrated design.
  • High speed, high precision, high acceleration / deceleration spindle motor.
  • Easy to install, space saving and long service life.
  • Spindle start and stop are quickly accomplished.

Disk Type Tool Magazine

The 20 tools disk type tool magazine provides fast tool change in only 0.9 second(tool to tool).
Patented pneumatic device increases tool knocking speed.


  • The robot is used for automatic loading and unloading of workpiece combined with automatic chip blowing function, it allows the machine to achieve fully automatic operation.

Anti-Vibration Mount

  • The anti-vibration mount prevents an external vibration source from affecting the machine accuracy. It can eliminate external interference which in turn ensures machining accuracy.