Maglev small double column machining centers

S5/S8-5C 5-Axis Machining Center

A New Standard of 5-Axis Machining Performance!

Designed for complex curved surface machining, the S5/S8-5C 5-Axis Machining will fully exhibit extraordinary efficiency and accuracy when machining high-end parts.

Outstanding Features :

  • Small double column structure features optimal rigidity and stability
  • Granite bed features outstanding anti-vibration capacity and no deformation.
  • X, Y, Z-axis are driven by linear motors.
  • Equipped with a tilting rotary table (A/C-axis) for multi-axis machining.
  • The right choice for complex parts machining.
  • BT30, 30,000rpm built-in-type high speed spindle.
  • BT30, 48 tools chain type magazine.

Application :

  • Aerospace parts
  • Molds
  • Inspection equipment
  • Parts of computer, communication and consumer electronics

Combines Several Patents In One:

  • ZL2015304229212
  • ZL2015304228188
  • ZL2015208483698
  • ZL2015208488367
  • ZL2016100696163
  • ZL2016100697383
Extra Fine Surface Finish
Surface Roughness Ra≦0.02μm
  • Compared to a 3-axis machine that uses a ball nose tool for curved surface machining, Bors 5-axis machine creates improved surface roughness.
  • Roughness Ra≦0.02μm for machining on plane, side wall and chamfering.
Ball Shaped Part Machining
  • Ball shaped parts can be accomplished with only a single setup.
Tilting Rotary Table (A/C-Axis)
5-Axis Machining
  • 5-axis machining provides higher efficiency than that of conventional machines.
  • Multi-surface machining can be accomplished with one setup of workpiece. This not only upgrades efficiency, but also reduces setup error and saves production costs.