Maglev small double column machining centers

S5-S Graphite Machining Center

Optimal Cost-Co-Performance Ratio!

Bors Technology has successfully developed the advanced graphite machining center. As soon as the machine was launched to the market, it was widely recognized by customers. The machine performance is comparable to or even exceeds European and Japanese machines. It also helps to save dramatic investment cost for customers.

Outstanding Features :

  • Small double column structure with features of optimal rigidity and stability.
  • Granite bed features outstanding damping capacity and no deformation.
  • HSK-E32 20 tool disk type magazine.
  • 40,000rpm built-in type high-speed spindle.
  • Rapid traverse rates on X, Y, Z-axis reach 60m/min.
  • Graphite mold machining accuracy: within 0.001mm
  • Fully enclosed splash guard.
  • Graphite dust collector.
  • Applicable for machining 3D graphite hot bending glass mold.

Application :

  • High precision graphite molds
  • Electrode machining
  • Hot bending glass mold

Combines Several Patents In One:

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Male and Female Graphite Mold Machining

Accuracy Within ±0.004mm
Designed specifically for machining of graphite molds and graphite, this small type double column super machining center presents outstanding machining accuracy of ±0.004mm.
In addition, it also creates extra fine finish on the mold cavity surface that saves considerable polishing time.